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Front Lift Stand

  • 12800

The abba Front Lift is designed to work in conjunction with the abba superbike stand or a conventional center stand so both wheels can be suspended off the ground at the same time. This simple and easy to use product will raise the front of your machine clear off the ground allowing a complete front end disassembly including forks, yokes, wheel, steering head bearings etc. Because the front lift lifts under the exhaust/sump area and not under the front forks like conventional front paddock stands, this will take all of the load off the front fork springs and allow for steering head bearing checks etc. The front lift is fully adjustable for height.

The abba front lift is designed to lift on the bottom of the exhaust pipes of a four cylinder machine where at least two pipes run parallel to create a flat lifting point. (On faired bikes there needs to be a 10+cm gap between the fairing for the front lift to locate up inside). The front lift is not suitable for V-twin engine motorcycles because of only one single front down pipe, or motorcycles with an unusual exhaust layout (i.e two pipes not running parallel).

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